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Dracula Method


Rear hand reaches across the front of the body, and grabs the heel edge like a conventional Nuclear grab. Meanwhile, the front hand grabs anywhere between the front foot and the nose on the toe edge.


Back foot is kicked out, like a classic method.


Bud Fawcett's seminal 1986 photograph of Terry Kidwell cranking this grab as a backside air inspired a generation. Often referred to as the "Father of Freestyle" TK's Dracula Method in the Tahoe City halfpipe fused a twisted grab with timeless style. Terry never referred to this grab as a Dracula Method, but this grab can be called a few different names with relative accuracy. If done on the frontside wall of the pipe, this would be a "Lien Dracula" invented by snowboarder J.D. Platt (see Bloody Dracula). Technically, however, you can't do a "Lien" off a straight jump, like Shane Flood is doing here. It could also be called a "Cross Rocket Method" as well, yet a proper "Cross Rocket" finds the hands directly on the nose. In the early '90s, Craig Kelly unleashed the "Nuclear Method" by reaching his rear hand across the body and grabbing his heel edge in front of the front binding while kicking out a method.  So a "Nuclear Cross Method" could also work, but doesn't quite roll off the tongue. After endless debate, we have determined that a "Dracula Method" will be most appropriate. Regardless, this hopefully points out how open to interpretation (and ridiculous) some of this naming can be.