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Mitten Team

The Mitten Team

When we started designing our mitten line a while back, we sat down with Scott Stevens and Bode Merrill at Spedelli’s Pizza in SLC to discuss putting together the rest of the team...

We knew we wanted to keep it small at first, so that we could work closely with each rider to develop a mitten specific to their needs, and we put together a short list of diverse riders who we thought would be perfect. We all knew we had to get Mike Rav on the team, as he’s always been such a big part of Crab Grab, and snowboards more than anyone on Earth. At one point Bode, half jokingly, said that we should ask Nicolas Müller, and we all had a laugh of how absolutely insane that would be. Nicolas on the team seemed more like a daydream, but we figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, and reached out to him. He was down.

With Rav and Nicolas on board, it was time to get to work finalizing a four mitten line that would excel for everything from summers at Mt. Hood to lines in Alaska. It’s been an honor thus far working with this crew to develop our first line, and we look forward to years of creating mitts that keep their claws warm, dry, and grippy.