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The Story

When we started making our first prototypes back in 2011, our team was just going to be Scott Stevens and Jesse Burtner. We were all spending summers up at Mt. Hood, and Jesse and Scott would raid the HCSC demo shop to stockpile those cheapo stomp-pads that came free with a pair of bindings. Those two were on some next level traction needs, cutting the pads into little pieces, and literally covering their boards in them. We wanted to create a better, more consistent solution, and from their ghetto R&D our original Mini Claws were born. We tested a bunch of different foams, rubbers, adhesives, etc. until we had our perfect blend, took a chance, and had some made. We had a two man team, no shop orders, no online store, and no plan*.

From there, a bunch of guys started using our stuff, and our team naturally grew. I wish we could just list everyone who uses Crab Grab, but then it wouldn't be a team – it'd just a big list. While we are incredibly grateful to all of the amazing riders that support our brand, for now, the following 7 comprise our “official team”.

*we still don't have a plan btw, but making one is on our to do list**

**ok, let's be honest, we don't have a to do list...