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Since the dawn of time, snowboards have been slippery. In the 80’s and into the early 90’s, all snowboarders recognized this, and put traction on their topsheets. Somewhere along the way, only heinous plastic “stomp pad” options existed, and quickly this practical practice died out. In 2011, Crab Grab was born to help keep people from slipping once again. Whether you’re getting off a chairlift, riding a rope tow, cranking a method, or hitting a jump one-footed – we’ve got you covered.

Almost Better
Than Bindings.

  Bode Merrill


We have made countless prototypes and incremental improvements over the years to perfectly dial in our blend of materials. Our C-Foam traction offers soft, friendly-friction that squishes into your boot tread and thumbs for incredible grip, and our Crubber™ traction offers a flexible, rubbery replacement to the stomp-pads of yesteryear.

Made with

Made with

Make Every
Grab Count.

  Ben Ferguson


Do you absolutely need a foam rail to grab onto when you’re airborne? Hell no. Does it feel incredible when your thumb locks into our foam when you grab? Hell yes. Built with the goal of inspiring snowboarders worldwide to grab a little longer and tweak a little harder, our traction products will give you a little something to hold onto.