Mike Rav Pet Crab Long Sleeve T-Shirt


ULTRA LIMITED EDITION. This classic Mike Rav photo was shot a few years ago by Aaron Blatt in Portland, Oregon. We were having a small team shoot / BBQ, and Mike Rav leashed up his pet fighting crab for a quick shot.

We love everything about this photo. First off, it's Rav and Rav rules. He's in his own world, and he's old blood Crab Grab - down since day one. Second off, this half brick wall is in front of the house that was our original Crab Grab office (before it was Blatt's house). Lot's of good memories here. Lastly, the fisheye angle Blatt choose feels straight off a 90's CD cover. Scott Steven's put it best when he saw the shirt saying, "...this shot could be a Beastie Boys album."

Celebrate this great human, and this great crab with a limited edition Mike Rav Pet Crab shirt.

  • Black - goes well with everything
  • Photo Print - wear the feed
  • Long Sleeves - covers up your questionable tats
  • Mid Weight - the perfect weight

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