If you haven’t been paying attention, then seeing this 18-year-old’s name on a team list this heavy might seem out of place. But if you know, then you know. Raw talent, combined with countless hours skateboarding and lapping Minnesota ropetows has a created a physical fluency rarely seen on a snowboard.

That said, the fact that Benny can shred is only half the reason why we put him on the team. Equally important is the fact that Benny is a good kid with his head on straight. Respectful, funny, and in it for the right reasons, we couldn’t think of a better rider to be carrying the torch for the next generation of snowboarders. Known for his head scratching rail tricks (made to look way too easy), he is equally at home on transition, or sending it off a jump. We’re very happy to have Benny on board, and look forward to seeing where he takes snowboarding over the seasons to come. Cheers Benny - the world is your oyster. 

Favorite Mitts

  • Slush Mittens: No matter how cold it gets, for some reason Benny always has these on. (it makes no sense)

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