Chris Grenier


This hardworking, hilarious, Masshole is a constant inspiration to us here at Crab Grab. Sure, he has one of the best styles on (and off) a snowboard, and yea, he’s one of the funniest humans currently living, but what we’re constantly blown away with is his ability to have a vision, and make it a reality. From The Freedom Frontier (his off-the-grid cabin with a private snow and skate park) to his instant classic podcast The Bomb Hole, when Grenier puts his mind to something there’s nothing capable of stopping him. 

Equal parts comedian, therapist, pro athlete, ball-till-you-fall redneck, and entrepreneur, Chris will make you laugh, make you cry, blow your mind, crash your golf cart, and then start a company all in a day’s work. Then he’ll go home and expend more energy screaming at his television during a Patriots game than the players who are actually playing. Keep up the good work Chris, and we’ll keep sending the foam, mitts, and cheddar biscuits.

Favorite Mitts

  • Cinch Mitts: All arounder
  • Punch Mitts: Mood depending
  • Freak Trigger Mitt: Times that require finger freedom

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