Desiree Melancon


The fact that Desiree is down with Crab Grab makes us feel like we’re doing something right. Des is a no-bullshit, tell-it-like-it-is person, whose standards for style and integrity are second to none. She lives her life with an inspiring level of intention, constantly evolving, learning, and creating. Crab Grab and Desiree both got their “professional starts” during the same era on Mount Hood nearly a decade ago, and during this time we’ve been motivated as a brand witnessing her grow as an artist, snowboarder, and human.

Hands down one of our favorite snowboarders to watch on film, Desiree’s spot choice, trick selection, and execution combine for an incredible aesthetic. Also one of our favorite people to hike a mini pipe with, Desiree has the handplant repertoire of an 80’s vert skater, the mouth of a sailor, and an infectious laugh you can hear around the block. 

Favorite Mitts

  • Women's Cinch: Daily 
  • Punch Mitten: Occasionally 
  • Mermitten: Randomly 

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