Mike Rav


Musician, artist, thinker, college graduate, you name it. Mike probably gets more days on a snowboard in one year than most people get in five seasons. From early fall at The Bone Zone Brighton, to late summer on Mt. Hood, Rav is constantly riding and evolving. All of this time on board has fermented into a snowboard style that is wholly unique to Mike Rav. He seamlessly flows though snowboard situations doing what he wants, when he wants, without pretension, or apprehension.

As an Oregon born company, we knew we had to make the perfect lightweight mitten that would excel in our backyard of Mt. Hood, and Rav was the perfect guy to develop this with. From years as a camper, then camp counselor, then multi time Signature Session Pro, Mike knows what you need while snowboarding on a nice day. We wanted this to be more than just a “summer mitten”, and worked to tweak the Slush Mitten into the perfect mitt to wear on any day warm enough to not need a jacket. 

Favorite Mitts

  • The Five: the five fingered mitten
  • Snuggler: colder days
  • Slush: warmer days

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