Scott Stevens


Scott was the first person we called when we decided to launch a mitten division. Aside from Scott being one of the most influential, entertaining riders on Earth to watch snowboard, one of the biggest reasons that we wanted to get Scott on board is that he knows exactly what he wants in a product. Having worked with Scott for years developing traction, we know he loves to give continuous feedback until everything is fully dialed.

Plus, Scott rides all kinds of stuff accessible to anyone throughout a season: resorts, backyards, easy-access backcountry, etcetera; so it seemed perfect to develop an all-around mitten with Scott that he could use to knock out everything. With that, the Punch mitten was born.

Speaking of being born, Scott recently became a father, and a portion of the proceeds from every Punch Mitt sold end up going to the Diaper Money / College Fund for his beautiful daughter Violet. 

Favorite Mitts

  • Punch: for most things
  • Snuggler: for other things
  • Slush: for warm things
  • Freak: for finger things
  • The Five: for random things
  • Man Hands: for other things... Yes, Scott seems to use all of the mittens.

Let's keep in touch.