Bode Merrill


Bode has been a huge part of our traction program since 2011, and to have him also running our mitts is incredible. Bode's biggest concern before he joined the mitt program, was that we were going to be making fully legit mittens, because he spends his season in places where having wet, cold hands is not an option. When Bode joined the team, it stepped everything up a notch. He’s probably the gnarliest all-around snowboarder on Earth, and thus we needed to make mittens that were going serve him well. We focused on a rugged mitt that could hold up to his abuse, and created the all-leather work mitt style Man Hands mitten.

Favorite Mitts

  • Man Hands: for the streets
  • Snuggler or Cinch: for the backcountry/resorts
  • Slush: for Mt. Hood

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