Jared Elston


Born and raised in Montana, Elston popped onto our radar shortly after his family moved to our hometown of Bend, Oregon. He was a 15-year-old kid you’d see around Mt. Bachelor, and you instantly knew he was not your typical breed of boarder. He had too much power for someone his age, and a style well beyond his years. A few seasons later, we watched him destroy a heavy field of household names in Drink Water’s Double Tap race wearing a pair of Snuggler mitten prototypes. It was a cool moment as a brand, where we were so proud to see a product we’d worked hard to create, on the hands of such an upstart talent. We asked him to film for our early season movie CRUNCHTIME, and witnessed Jared combined his natural gifts with an incredible work ethic to film some of the highlight clips in that movie. 

Our favorite thing about Jared, however, is that he is a world-class wiseass who is willing to (respectfully) talk shit to anyone. His time in the snowbro spotlight has only just begun, and we look forward to working together developing mitts and other magic, and to hopefully help balance out his sometimes questionable clothing choices. (see second image)  

Favorite Mitts

  • Snuggler: daily go to
  • Cinch: if they're sand colored
  • Man Hands: street stuff

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