Josh Dirksen


We’re very excited to welcome our friend, neighbor, and one of our all-time favorite snowboarders, Josh Dirksen to the Crab Grab Mitten Team. One of the best product development riders we’ve ever seen, Dirksen’s ideas, prototype testing, and feedback over the past year have guided the development of our new Snurf mitten, which has quickly become a team favorite.

Josh has seen and done it all, gracefully ripping his way into a guaranteed place in the Snowboard Hall of Fame. Refocusing his riding in recent years on exploring the Oregon backcountry in search of the perfect wind lip, Josh got his start as an under-the-radar contest phenom, before filming his seminal video parts in the Kingpin and Robot Food movies. Dirksen earned enormous respect from his peers along the way, laying the foundation for a coveted “life-long-pro-career”. Whether he's teaching his daughter how to shred, grabbing another podium at the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom, bringing the snowboard community together via his Dirksen Derby event, meeting with senators in Washington D.C. to help protect our winters, or making a simple heelside turn, when you watch Josh operate it is very apparent you’re witnessing an artist at work.

Favorite Mitts

  • Snurf: Year round, all conditions.

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