Nik Baden


Baden is more than likely one of your favorite snowboarder’s favorite snowboarder. Off-snow his cruise control is permanently set on casual, but when he straps in, the guy goes like a man possessed.

For a long time Nik was neck deep in the contest world, while many of us wished he was somewhere waist deep in powder. Trying to appreciate this guys style and trick selection in a typical competition setting felt like trying to admire a wild animal in the confines of a dilapidated zoo. With a true calling to just go do his thing, with nobody judging, (and preferably someone very talented filming) Nik is destined to forever entertain us on the big screen (or our phones). As a brand that believes that style (followed closely by a sense of humor) reigns supreme, it’s beyond an honor to have Baden on board.  

Favorite Mitts

  • Cinch & Snuggler: all arounders
  • Man Hands & Slush: randomly

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